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Southwest Gas Corporation

Fluid blue flames.

We are primarily engaged in the business of purchasing, transporting and distributing the environmental fuel of choice - natural gas. We serve more than 1.8 million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada. As the largest distributor of natural gas in Nevada and Arizona, we serve the Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. In addition, we transport and distribute natural gas in portions of California, including areas in Lake Tahoe and San Bernardino County.

But that's not all that we do...

We are ahead of the curve when it comes to preserving the environment and safeguarding our natural resources. When it comes to green energy, we have an advantage. Natural gas is a clean, efficient-energy solution, and one of the best options available in our changing energy landscape.

We are well trained and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and going the extra mile.

We care about you and your safety. The integrity of our pipeline systems meets or exceeds all state and federal regulations for safety.

We are committed to our communities and our environment by actively volunteering for and supporting organizations and initiatives that make our communities better places to live.

We give back. Our employee volunteers regularly participate in playground and building renovation projects, conduct food and clothing drives, donate blood, coach Little League, and so much more.

We started as a story of American ingenuity at its finest - beginning as a dream for Harold G. Laub, who incorporated a tiny liquid petroleum gas (LPG) company in Barstow, California in 1931. It provided great service and a much needed low-cost source of energy in the midst of the Great Depression.

We expanded in the 1950s into Nevada and Arizona to form Southwest Gas Corporation and moved our corporate headquarters from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1958.

We continued to grow over the next five decades, from our early days of serving 160 customers to the more than 1.8 million we serve today.

We turned 80. Our remarkable history and success is attributed to our employees' hard work and dedication, the loyalty of our customers, and our vital and transparent relationships with our business and community partners.

We look forward to helping build a greener future by highlighting the facts about natural gas - an environmentally friendly, domestically abundant, and reliable energy source. Through our customer engagement programs, we will increase consumer awareness about the benefits of natural gas and the role it plays as the energy backbone that drives our nation's productivity.

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