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Whether you serve the residential or commercial markets, we can show you how natural gas appliances and equipment can help meet your energy efficiency needs in today's competitive environment.

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Contact our Residential or Commercial Energy Advisors today! They can provide you with a variety of services to help you get started on your project.

  • Gas availability inquiries
  • Installation of new gas facilities
  • Natural gas equipment features and benefits
  • Carbon calculators
  • Energy-saving options
  • Identify potential sites for new and future facilities

Rebates and Programs for Builders

Differentiate your product and sell homes faster!

Meet customer's growing demand for high-quality, high-efficiency homes. Check rebates and incentives available supporting builders in Energy Star® qualifications. For more information or to participate in the program, send us an email: or call us at 1-800-654-2765.

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Building better with natural gas

How do you capture more than 70% of your market instantly? Build homes with preferred features that customers want - natural gas appliances.

According to a recent consumer energy preference survey, more than 70% of homeowners prefer natural gas for heating, water heating, and cooking. By building homes with natural gas appliances, you meet growing customer demand and increase homeowner satisfaction.

Why is natural gas the preferred energy source?

  • Efficient and economical - the best energy value
  • Secure - underground delivery system
  • Abundant - plentiful domestic supply
  • Clean - cleanest-burning fossil fuel emitting fewer greenhouse gases
  • Reliable - never runs out
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Modern - enhances today's lifestyles

Increase profits. Sell homes faster.

According to a 2010 Special Report prepared by the National Association of Home Builders, new single-family homes with natural gas heating and other natural gas appliances sell on average with 6% higher pricing than homes built for the same electric appliances.

The report also shows that an overwhelming majority of builders agree that new homes with natural gas equipment generally sell quicker than a new home without any.

Building greener than you think

You can build green with natural gas and set yourself apart with homes that save your customers money and energy. They will be more comfortable and efficient while protecting the environment.

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Become a authorized qualified contractor for:

  • Arizona and Nevada Solar Water Heating Systems
    Southwest Gas is offering rebate incentives to qualifying Arizona and Nevada customers who install solar water heating systems with a natural gas back up. Visit to obtain information to become a qualified contractor, training, rebate levels, and application process.