Industrial Services

Implement technologies that can improve both productivity and energy efficiency while lowering operating costs and environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions.

As the electric industry moves to time-of-use rates, using natural gas as the primary energy source for your company makes more economic sense than ever before. Southwest's Industrial Gas Engineers (IGEs) have the tools and abilities to work with new and existing industrial and large commercial businesses.

We can perform a variety of equipment/site-specific evaluations to maximize a customer's energy-efficiency decisions/improvements.

  • Analysis of existing energy bills
  • Analysis of electric and gas rate schedules
  • Natural gas pipeline tariffs, capacities, reliability, etc.
  • Simple payback and life-cycle equipment comparisons for a variety of applications including:
    • Air compression
    • Air conditioning
    • Boilers
    • Cogeneration
    • Distributed generation
    • Water pumping
    • Natural gas vehicles and fueling stations
    • Industrial cooling/refrigeration

In addition, we can assist you in:

  • Identifying potential sites for new/future facilities
  • Understanding local air quality issues and permitting requirements
  • Providing recommendations on local architect and engineer firms, equipment vendors, and contractors with expertise related to a customer's needs.

We have years of experience building strong relationships with local trade allies, which can save you time and money.

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The Key Account Management Department is comprised of a management team in the Southwest Gas Corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with a staff of Industrial Gas Engineers stationed in each of Southwest's five geographic areas. This team of highly trained professionals has the educational background, technical knowledge and industry experience to assist customers in making energy and equipment decisions.

With the evolution of electric industry restructuring and the continued "unbundling" of natural gas services and rates, Southwest's IGEs have the tools and abilities to work with new and existing commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes.

To facilitate the process for you to sign up for natural gas service, we gather key information to ensure we provide accurate gas facilities for your project. Click here to view our pre-planning industrial checklist.

Southwest's IGEs have established strong relationships with our customers, and can be a valuable ally in the future. To contact an KAM IGE, please call or send email:

Phoenix metropolitan area

Larry Holly - (602) 395-4082

Tucson and outlying communities

Andy Rhea - (520) 794-6438
Fax - (800) 997-9427

Las Vegas, Laughlin and Bullhead City

Michael Cooper - (702) 365-2555
Fax - (702) 668-6356

Victorville, Barstow and Big Bear

Nicole Hunt - (702) 365-2580
Fax - (702) 740-9209

Northern Nevada communities, Lake Tahoe

Mark Stuebe - (775) 887-2722