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Driving you to a cleaner, more secure future

As America's foundation fuel, natural gas can help lead the way in breaking America's dependence on oil imports. Nowhere is this more true than the transportation sector where natural gas can immediately be put to use across the country to fuel a wide range of transportation options, from fleets and light-duty vehicles to heavy-duty trucking and off-road applications.

Greener than you think

Natural gas is by far the cleanest-burning fossil fuel; it produces 50% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than oil. As a transportation fuel, it is also highly efficient and cost effective to use. According to a study on behalf of the California Energy Commission, natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29% compared to gasoline vehicles and up to 22% when compared to diesel vehicles. In fact, NGVs produce little or no evaporative emissions during fueling and use.

Why pay more at the pump?

With concern over high gasoline prices, it’s no surprise many fleet owners are looking to compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative transportation fuel. In July 2012, the cost of CNG fuel was 53% less than gasoline. In addition, the number of nationwide CNG refueling stations has grown 13% annually since 2009. Today, there are more than 1,000 CNG refueling stations nationwide and that number continues to grow every day.

Natural Gas Vehicles

To learn more about NGVs and using natural gas as a clean and affordable alternative transportation fuel,
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