Project Design

Beginning in mid-June 2012, a contractor for Southwest Gas will be installing approximately 7.5 miles of 16” gas pipeline in an alignment between I-17 and 75th Avenue (see diagram below). This work is scheduled to be completed in December 2012.

Pipeline will be installed in Northern Avenue, from just west of Interstate 17 to 43rd Avenue; in 43rd Avenue, from Northern Avenue to Orangewood Avenue; in Orangewood Avenue, from 43rd Avenue to 59th Lane; in 59th Lane, from Orangewood Avenue to Northern Avenue; and in Northern Avenue, from 59th Lane to 75th Avenue.

construction zone map 1

Construction will be a moving operation, taking place approximately 1,000 feet at a time. As pipeline is installed, the area will be backfilled and paved back. The work will take place primarily during daytime hours, Monday thru Saturday; however, the contractor may work full weekends or evening hours as necessary to better accommodate the construction activity, schedule, or the traveling public. Access will be maintained to businesses and residences during construction. You will be notified in advance of any planned disruption to residential utility services.

Project Update Notifications

Project e-updates will be sent out every 1-2 weeks with upcoming construction information and restrictions or click on the "Construction Information" navigation link. To be included in this distribution, please click here to send us your e-mail address.

Project Hotline 602.532.6100

Si desea informacion en Español o tiene preguntas sobre el proyecto, por favor llámenos al 602.532.6100.