Why Natural Gas

Efficient Reliable American
This domestically abundant, clean, and efficient energy source is greener than you think!

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a highly efficient form of energy. Natural gas has many advantages over other fuels. It has fewer impurities, is less chemically complex, and its combustion results in less pollution. You may already be familiar with the many benefits of natural gas.

Comfortable - natural gas furnaces deliver warm air without the cool draftiness associated with an electric heat pump.

Dependable - regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, natural gas is always there for you.

Convenient - busy lifestyles demand appliances that not only are highly efficient but also can save you time. With natural gas, you can have an endless supply of hot water, precise temperature control for cooking, and faster drying time for your laundry.

Economical - if you are looking to save on your energy bills, look no further. Natural gas provides the best energy value costing less than electricity, propane and heating oil.

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It is clear that natural gas is the best energy choice for your home. But did you know that natural gas is also the natural choice for the environment? In a world that is rapidly learning about "going green" and "carbon footprints," natural gas allows us to be environmentally responsible. It is considered the energy solution to secure a greener tomorrow for our children.

Natural Gas Makes a Difference

Nationally Abundant

98.5% of the natural gas we use in United States comes from right here in North America. This plentiful resource will meet our nation's needs for at least another 100 years. We can protect the environment while reducing our reliance on foreign imports with this amazing energy resource available in our own backyard.

Naturally Cleaner

graphic detailing the efficiency of natural gas

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, emitting fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil. In addition to having a smaller carbon footprint, it also addresses a number of environmental concerns like smog and acid rain. Imagine this, when measured at the source, natural gas appliances can lower a home's carbon footprint by 43% over electric appliances! It's a reliable fuel source combined with solar, wind, and other renewable energies.

Naturally Efficient

There is a misconception that electricity is cleaner than natural gas since there are no emissions from the electricity used in your home. Some think electricity is also more efficient. However, when you consider how electricity is generated and distributed to your home, natural gas is by far the more efficient energy.

Natural gas is a high-density energy that works harder with less waste. Consider this fact: Out of every 100 units of energy used to generate electricity, only about 30 of those units actually get delivered to your home. In comparison, over 90% of the natural gas produced from the gas well is delivered directly to your house compared to only 30% of source energy that goes into generating electricity. Now, that's pretty efficient.

Did You Know?

  • Natural gas is a versatile fuel that heats our homes, cooks our meals, provides 24% of the nation's electricity, powers vehicles, and fuels industrial facilities.
  • The natural gas industry supports more than 2.8 million American jobs and adds more than $385 billion to the national economy.

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