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Choose natural gas as your property's energy source. With natural gas, you can improve and maximize your bottom line through energy efficiency measures, while providing comfort, reliability and desirable property features to your customers or employees.

According to ENERGY STAR®, a typical commercial building's energy use accounts for 30% of operating costs, the largest single category of controllable costs. Natural gas gives you the best value for your money. Here are some natural gas advantages:

With natural gas technologies, your business can achieve:

  • Environmental and energy savings benefits
  • Financial savings for the building owner
  • Improved building operations
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs

The environmental benefits of natural gas

  • The cleanest-burning fossil fuel.
  • It produces virtually no emissions of sulfur dioxide or particulate matter and far lower levels of greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxides than oil or coal.
  • It produces virtually no solid waste.
  • Natural gas is delivered to the customer with around 90% efficiency.

It is no wonder that natural gas has become the energy backbone that drives our nation's productivity.