Smarter Greener Better® Solar Water Heating Program for Nevada - Homeowner/Renter

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Southwest Gas is proud to offer a program providing rebate incentives to qualifying Nevada customers who install solar water heating systems with a natural gas back-up.

Solar water heating is clean and efficient and helps customers save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Check out our program rebate incentives and take advantage of the great benefits of solar water heating systems:

  • Reduce the cost of heating water in half
  • Generate hot water for your home and business in a cost effective way
  • Can be used in any climate
  • Reduce hot water energy consumption by up to 90% by using the sun's energy
  • Save up to 40% of natural gas used to heat water
Program Rebate Amount Equipment Requirements
Private Residential up to 30% or $3,000 OG-300 system certification or OG-100 collector certification with stamp or seal of a professional engineer


CLICK HERE to download our 2013 Smarter Greener Better® Solar Water Heating brochure.
Rebate Application
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Please review the rebate application for additional requirements and full terms and conditions. Pre-approval is required and systems must be installed by a program authorized contractor. Please submit your rebate application before purchase and installation. Rebate applications will be processed on a first-come, first served basis.*

* Program participation dates are subject to funding availability and may change without notice. Program and submission deadline dates will be updated on

Click here for additional information on the program, application, eligibility, and qualification requirements, program brochure, and selecting contractors. You can also call 1-855-743-1603 for program details or further assistance.

This program is funded by Southwest Gas Corporation's Nevada customers and administered by Southwest Gas Corporation, in cooperation with Nexant. This program has been reviewed and approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available. Eligibility requirements also apply. Southwest Gas Corporation does not make any warranty, express or implied, or assume responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, estimated savings, and benefits attributed to the products that qualify for this program. Reference to any specific product, project, or service by manufacturer, trade name, trademark, or otherwise does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by Southwest Gas Corporation. To qualify, equipment must meet technical requirements and be installed according to local building codes and ordinances and/or manufacturer's requirements. If you have questions e-mail us at, or call 1-855-743-1603 to confirm eligibility before purchasing products.