Family cooking

If you like speed, temperature control, precision, and efficiency, then you'll love cooking with natural gas.

Cook like a pro in your dream kitchen. Today's natural gas ranges and cooktops are energy-efficient, provide even heat, and offer precise temperature control that turns on and off instantly, making it an automatic time saver. That's why serious chefs prefer the many advantages found from natural gas cooking.

Natural gas is greener than you think. Once you decide on natural gas, it's really all about the space in your kitchen, when you like to cook, and how much you cook. Cooking is easy with natural gas!

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Types of equipment

Natural gas cooking equipment comes in a wide variety of models and styles. Most familiar is the freestanding range which includes a cooktop and oven. Built-in ranges can either slide or drop into a space between the cabinets.

The components of a natural gas cooking system can be separated based on the layout of your kitchen. An indoor grill can be added either as part of the cooktop or as a free-standing unit. Indoor grills are the easiest and fastest way to get those great sear marks on juicy meats and vegetables.


  • Ranges with sealed burners eliminate the space between the burners and cooktop ensuring quick and easy clean-ups.
  • Continuous grates allow you to move from burner to burner without picking up your pan.
  • A gas convection oven circulates air throughout the oven ensuring better baking and roasting results.
  • Self-cleaning, continuous-cleaning and standard-cleaning give you a choice of different oven-cleaning options.

As always, do your homework. We encourage you to shop around, compare not just prices, but features. Ask about warranties and always get written estimates for installation.

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