Gas Dryers

Mom and girl by gas dryer

Did you know you can dry two loads of clothes in a natural gas dryer, on average, for the same amount of money it costs to dry just one load in an electric dryer?

Natural gas is the preferred energy source for clothes drying according to a recent national homeowner energy preference survey.* It is the natural choice for saving time, money, energy, and the environment.

Consider these benefits:

Faster heat-up and shorter drying times are gentler on fabrics, extending the life of your clothing.

New technologies used by manufacturers improve performance and reduce costs of natural gas dryers.

Many models have a moisture sensor option; this feature is designed to measure the amount of moisture build-up inside the dryer. When your clothes are dry, the moisture sensor automatically shuts off the dryer, saving energy and reducing wear and tear on your clothing. They may also have an "automatic cool down" feature, which cycles cool air during the last few minutes of the load rather than continuing to use heated air.

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Energy-Efficiency - Because today's natural gas dryer are very efficient, and most dryer use similar amounts of energy, they are not required to display the EnergyGuide label or have an ENERGY STAR® rating.

Instant Heat - Unlike electric dryers, natural gas dryers provide instant heat. That means your laundry will be done faster. This same "instant heat" feature works in reverse when the dryer shuts off. The remaining heat dissipates quickly, reducing the amount of wrinkling. That's an important feature if you can't fold your clothes right away.

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*2010 Homeowner Energy Preference Survey by Woodland, O'Brien & Scott