Outdoor Appliances


Outdoor living can be greener than you think. Choose natural gas for your outdoor appliances and enjoy efficiency, reliability and comfort.

Imagine the pure pleasure of relaxing in your own backyard. Soaking in your gas-heated spa. Preparing a sizzling dinner on your gas grill. Gaslights softly illuminating the beautiful landscaping. Family and friends gathering around the natural gas fireplace.

Natural gas outdoor appliances are essential in the creation of the perfect outdoor living room. Not only does an outdoor room last for decades, it could raise the appraised value of your home.

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Natural gas grilling - outdoor cooking at its best. Outdoor grilling is a popular part of the Southwest summer lifestyle. No waiting for charcoal to heat up or scrambling to refill a propane tank, and grilling with natural gas costs less than propane. Natural gas grills let you enjoy the outdoors while leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint than other grill types.
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Gaslights - lighting the way. Gas lighting comes in a variety of styles, materials and sizes to fit any home. Choose elegant brass or copper gaslights and have them mounted on your choice of lamp posts to fit your outdoor room design or how about tiki and luau torches to add a little ambience?.
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Natural gas fireplaces fire pits, and fire rings - add warmth to your outdoor room. These features combine the timeless charm of a crackling fire with the convenience and safety of the latest natural gas technology. Besides the unmatched quality and flexibility that a natural gas outdoor fire feature provides, it can create a focal point for your outdoor room..
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A natural gas pool and spa heater - helps to revitalize, recharge and relax. Natural gas can turn your pool and spa from chilly and uninviting to warm and relaxing. Natural gas pool and spa heaters are up to 95% efficient and are the most cost-effective way to go. One of the most distinct advantages of natural gas pool and spa heaters is their ability to rapidly heat water, seven times faster than electric heaters.
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Patio heaters are popular for all outdoor spaces. They can radiate heat 20 to 25 feet in all directions. Patio heaters can be freestanding, or post-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted..
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