Save Money & Energy

Homeowner weather stripping window

Utilize our helpful tools to make energy decisions that are Smarter Greener Better® for you and the environment. Saving money is greener than you think. Learn how to keep more green in your pocket while increasing energy efficiency with natural gas appliances.

Are you looking to replace or purchase a new appliance? Check to see if there are available appliance rebates in your area. You can find out more about natural gas products, download appliance brochures, view educational videos, or find a contractor in your area.

Carbon Calculator for Residential Use - Demonstrates how natural gas appliances can help reduce your home's carbon footprint.

Smart energy savings tips to help you lower your utility bills and conserve energy. Check out these do-it-yourself tips that have minimal costs and maximum results.

Energy Calculator - See how you can save money, save energy and help the earth by using energy resources wisely. 

Energy Assistance Programs

Whether you own or rent your residence, Southwest Gas has programs that can assist you with money-saving home improvements to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Energy-saving measures are available to income-qualified customers, at no cost.

Examples of energy saving measures installed through the program may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ceiling, floor and duct insulation
  • Duct leakage sealing
  • Shell infiltration sealing
  • Insulation of water heater and water heater pipes
  • Minor home repairs
  • Heating and cooling system repairs/replacements
  • Health and safety measures

In order to participate in this type of program, a customer must meet certain income qualifications.

Click a link below to see if you qualify in your state: