Natural Living Magazine

Natural Living  Magazine

Natural Living is a free online publication provided by Southwest Gas and is published twice a year. You will find information, topics and ideas to help you reduce your energy costs.

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  • Spring/Summer 2014 - Home lifestyles: then and now, plus the natural evolution of cars. From crank starts to gas guzzlers to NGVs, cars have come a long way. 
  • Fall/Winter 2013 - Gas goes high tech! Meet the kitchen of the future, and understand home energy management systems.
  • Spring/Summer 2013 - Make a difference with natural gas. Choosing energy efficient technologies reduces waste, saves money, and saves the earth.
  • Fall/Winter 2012 - Do-it-yourself Energy Audits, energy savings with programmable thermostats, tankless water heaters enhance your comfort while saving energy and money, plus fall recipes.
  • Spring/Summer 2012 - Natural gas provides affordable fuel options and is a reliable fuel choice, abundant supply, outdoor rooms, going green, and recipes.
  • Fall/Winter 2011 - Backup power generators, natural gas heaters, new tankless water heaters, radiant floor heating, natural gas fireplaces and more.
  • Spring/Summer 2011 - Gas homes sell faster, gas heating and water heating, a not so traditional kitchen, outdoor rooms, recipes.
  • Fall/Winter 2010 - Energy-efficient water heater, renovating on a budget, gas piping, reducing energy cost and helping the environment, alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces, cooking with natural gas, recipes.
  • Spring/Summer 2010 - Products to heat your water for less, lowering your heating bill, gas-driven heat pumps, rewards and rebate incentives.
  • Fall/Winter 2009 - Incentives, high-tech tools for energy, residential tankless water heaters, long-term savings with high-efficiency gas dryers.
  • Spring/Summer 2009 - Indoor air quality solutions, new technologies that promote higher efficiencies, grilling recipes.