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  • Ask Southwest Gas

    #Ask Southwest Gas

    [00:40] We asked people like you how they’d know if there was a natural gas leak. Here’s what they had to say…

  • Fueling the Future

    Fueling the Future

    [03:37] Natural gas is a reliable energy source that is cleaner, more efficient and more affordable than electric.

  • Where does gas come from?

    Where does gas come from?

    [01:00] Do you know how natural gas makes it into your home?

  • Save energy and money with ENERGY STAR

    Save energy and money with ENERGY STAR® certified homes

    [03:15] When it’s time to purchase a new home, consider investing in an ENERGY STAR® certified home.

  • A Public Safety Message from Southwest Gas

    A Public Safety Message from Southwest Gas

    [02:36] A Public Safety Message from Southwest Gas

  • What would you do if you had extra time?

    What would you do if you had extra time?

    [00:30] Go Paperless today! And have more time for the thing you love.

  • Fuel For Life 2014

    Fuel For Life 2014

    [8:40] The Southwest Gas employee giving campaign, Fuel For Life is underway in all of our divisions Arizona, California, and Nevada. See this year’s Fuel For Life video featuring the Hammond family.

  • Kids and Natural Gas Safety

    Kids and Natural Gas Safety

    [1:36] AGA created this video to help educate youth about the importance of natural gas safety in the home. 

  • You Can Count On Natural Gas

    Energy You Can Count On

    [00:30 ] You can count on natural gas to keep the energy flowing, your home warm, your showers hot, and your meals cooked to perfection. Natural gas - always there for you.

  • The New American Home

    The 2014 New American Home

    [1:54] Southwest Gas is proud to once again partner with AGA to deliver clean and efficient natural gas to the New American Home. 

  • Standyby Generators

    Backup Generators

    [4:53] Would you be prepared to beat the blackout? One bad storm, one bad hurricane could cause an electrical failure that could last for days. A standby generator fueled by natural gas is your best insurance for electrical power loss.

  • Learn how to transform your outdoor living space

    [0:30] Natural gas can help transform the great outdoors around your home into a relaxing oasis, that friends and family will enjoy all year long.

  • Fuel For Life 2013

    Fuel For Life 2013

    [3:16] Southwest Gas employees committed more than $1.17 million to local charities as part of the 2013 Fuel For Life workplace giving campaign.

  • Greener, more energy-efficient homes

    More energy-efficient homes

    [3:31] Southwest Gas and Southern Nevada Homebuilders Association partner to promote more energy-efficient homes that are better for  our planet and your wallet.

  • Cooking tips for great tasting food

    [3:22] Isabella’s Restaurant at the Grayhawk Club share favorite cooking tips that will make your food taste great while saving you money too.   

  • Solar Powered Water Heating

    Green living with solar water heating

    Jose Esparza, and SWG customer Steve Rypka discuss the benefits of heating water with solar energy and the availability of solar rebates.

  • Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

    Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

    [2:12] Simple fireplace safety tips to protect you and your family.

  • Natural Gas - serving up better energy solutions in Foodservice

    [3:14] How foodservice operators are saving energy and money through natural gas high-efficiency equipment and programs.