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Your safety is our top priority and our ongoing safety and damage prevention programs are designed to help you recognize, react to, and prevent unsafe conditions. Working together, we can continue to provide you with safe and reliable natural gas service 24/7.

A leak may be present if you:

  • SMELL an odor similar to rotten eggs, even if the smell is faint or momentary.
  • HEAR a hissing or roaring sound coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline. 
  • SEE dirt or water blowing into the air, discolored vegetation surrounding a pipeline, or standing water continuously bubbling. 

If you suspect a leak:

  • Leave the area immediately.
  • From a safe place, call 911 and Southwest Gas at 1-877-860-6020, day or night, whether you're a customer or not.
    A Southwest Gas representative will be there as soon as possible. 
  • Don't smoke or use matches or lighters.
  • Don't turn off or on any electric switches, thermostats, or appliance controls; or use automated doors.
  • Don't start or stop an engine.

For more information on safety, click here.